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Are you bored? Need some fun or place to be?
Looking for friends or someone to talk to?
Do you have a problem and need help?

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Cool activities

If you like to play sports, roast sausages, go to the countryside or play games with new mates, the App will find something interesting around you.

Survival tips

Find out how to survive a party or where and how to meet a boyfriend or girlfriend. Application will also show you Internet news and your location news.

Friends and help

Chat with buddies who goes to the same community club. Connect with online street worker if you have a problem and need to talk about it.

Nearest chill out place

Find the closest community place where you can relax, get to know each other, connect to wifi, break down the problems and create your plans and visions.

To whom and how it works?

The app is here for all kids, teens and families looking for meaningful entertainment, new friends or anonymous help or advise for different issues from someone they can trust to.

The social workers behind offer:

  • online chat for crisis communication
  • organization, insert and update of events to app calendar
  • completing information and life solution hints into the app

The application use geolocation. It helps to find the nearest social streetworker, place or community event.

Application, events and social street workers are free of charge according to the law.

Who is a developer?

This application was developed by the non-state non-political and non-profit organization Neposeda, z.ú. providing social services in the eastern part of Prague.

The pilot phase for iOS and Android was programmed by the director of the organization Jana Hamplova.
The content was created by 9 social workers from the club Autobus and HoPo.
Crisis communication with users will be provided by a psychologist.


Digital and online communication for street workers is supported by:

Waiting is over

Change the way you keep in touch with your social community

Neposeda, z.ú.
non-profit organization
Šimanovská 47
198 00 Prague 9
IČ: 69793298


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